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New York At Night Bike Tour

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New York At Night Bike Tour

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NIGHTTIME IN NYC: SOMETHING TO SEE                                                                                  

Head into the inky night sky of New York City and prepare to be awestruck. At no other time are the bright lights of the big city so dazzling, so expectation-defying, so defining of beauty. Skyscrapers seem suffused with light from the heavens. Avenues take the form of linear illuminations. The bustle of the metropolis -- although no less vibrant -- assumes a velvety allure that serves as a backdrop for all of the comings and goings, the activity and aliveness. It's as if in darkness, the colorful energy of the city is wholly revealed.


NEW YORK AT NIGHT BIKE TOUR                                                                                              

Head out into the city at night and you're bathed in the pulsating lights that made New York the stuff of fairy tales, a center of style, a haven for hipsters. Whether you're pedaling down an avenue or coasting carefree along a boulevard, every sight that you see seems bold and brilliant and breathtakingly bright. This is the city as you always imagined: not a collection of buildings dispassionately observed through a window but a moving, mesmerizing metropolis that welcomes you to be a part of it, to live within it, if only for a time.    

The New York At Night Bike Tour includes iconic New York landmarks such as:

Empire State Building                                                 

A gleaming, glowing pinnacle of New York's larger-than-life cityscape.            

Times Square                                                   

Ginormous and neon lit, Times Square appears all the more dazzling, if that's possible, when surrounded by the darkened New York night.                 

Plaza Hotel                                                                                                                                  

Twenty floors of untold luxuries, the landmark Plaza Hotel sparkles like a just polished gem, inviting dreams of what lies behind all of those doors.

Rockefeller Center                                                                                                                         

 Fourteen original Art Deco buildings. Five International Style buildings. A skating rink. And a reputation for being one of New York's most popular landmarks during any season as well as any time of the day or night.

St. Patrick's Cathedral                                                                                                                      

The dramatic nighttime silhouette of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the largest decorated Neo-Gothic-style Catholic cathedral in North America, takes the form of heavenly beauty that embosses the darkened sky.


Grand Central Terminal                                                                                                                    

It seems a microcosm of New York City itself:  all hustle and bustle and kinetic motion. Grand Central Terminal welcomes all to experience its grand architecture, its storied history, and its well-earned place among the city's treasures.


Even at night, the flagship of the Macy's department store chain shines like a pearl in an oyster, inviting all to enter its world of wonder and find anything -- and everything -- their hearts desire.



New York At Night Bike Tour At A Glance

An approximately two-hour tour of Midtown Manhattan featuring designated stops that allow you to rest, explore, and experience

A completely guided tour by trained, experienced staff that can show you the best spots and explain the where, whys, and hows

Adult/kid bikes, bike helmet, live tour guide included in tour price; choose a bike that suits your size and style

Top-rated equipment that's comfortable, clean, safe, and easy-to-use so that you're excursion is totally stress free

A structured itinerary that ensures you experience the best of the best


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Adult/Kid Bikes
Bike Helmet
Live Tour Guide
Departure Point — 1391 6th Ave (Between 56th and 57th Street)
Languages — English
Duration — 2 hours
Availability — Daily ( Mon: 4PM , Tue: 4PM , Wed: 4PM , Thu: 4PM , Fri: 5PM , Sat: 5PM , Sun: 5PM )

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