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Our Harlem Bike Tour includes:

  • An approximately three-hour bike tour covering about 10 miles and featuring designated stops that allow you to rest, explore, and experience.
  • A completely guided bike tour by trained, experienced staff who can show you the best spots and explain the wheres, whys, and hows.
  • Adult/kid bikes, bike helmets, and a live tour guide. You will get to choose the size and style of your bike rental. Harlem, NYC, is meant to be traveled in comfort, so we offer plenty of options.
  • Top-rated equipment for a comfortable, clean, safe, and easy-to-use bike rental. Harlem, New York, bike excursions are totally stress-free if you go on a tour with us!
  • A structured itinerary that saves you days of endless walking. With Bike Rental Central Park, Harlem tours are much less stressful, and you can make sure that you won't miss anything as you tap into the beating heart of this thriving NYC neighborhood.

Hitting the Road to Harlem
"Harlem" is a name synonymous with African-American culture. But ask people where it is and what it is and many can't really find the words to accurately describe it. Maybe that's because there's a vibrancy to Harlem that defies the typical touristy clichés and banal narratives. Harlem should most definitely be experienced firsthand, and there's no better way to do that than with a stress-free bike rental. Harlem, New York, can be yours to explore with one of our guided bicycle tours.

Extending from 110th to 155th streets and from roughly the Hudson River to the Harlem River, Harlem has long been the setting for African-American-led movements in art, literature, dance, and music: This is, after all, the home of the renowned Apollo Theater that has welcomed the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, and the Jackson 5. With a bike rental, Harlem, NYC with all of its excitement, adventure, and history are just a short pedal away.

Harlem has a unique energy and its own distinct avenues of creativity and diversity, individuality and originality. There is palpable excitement when you walk the streets that makes this area unlike any other place in New York City. You can almost hear the hum of energy on every corner, as if Harlem itself is wondering what's the next great, mind-blowing thing that's coming down the road.

Rich History
With elegant historic row houses, religious edifices like the Abyssinian Baptist Church, and landmarks like the Mount Morris Fire Watchtower and the Hamilton Grange, Harlem is known for always looking toward the future, but it also boasts a past that has secured its place in the history of NYC.

Music and Nightlife
Harlem hits all the right notes when it comes to music and nightlife, with supper clubs where the blues beat on through the night, swing and jazz venues like the famed Cotton Club, and bars that serve up cool cocktails and rare brews.

Arts and Culture
It's hard to believe that so many diverse institutions exist all in the same place. Harlem is home to a museum specializing in Puerto Rican, Latin American, and Caribbean art; a center of black culture housing more than 11 million items related to people of African descent around the world; visitor centers where you can listen to rare jazz recordings; and festivals and screenings honoring documentary filmmaking.

Some places are wonderfully intimate, offering innovative interpretations of comfort-food classics. Others, like Ginny's Supper Club, have become a global draw. Whether you're stopping for a quick bite or a leisurely dinner, Harlem is great for those with an appetite for trying new things or re-imagining old favorites.

Get On the Road and Get in on the Excitement
With a bike rental, NYC and Harlem are engaging and energetic as you experience the urban landscape up close. The people, the places, and the spirited history are all best seen and felt firsthand, not just glimpsed through a window. Our Harlem Bike Tour transforms you from observer to participant. With a bike rental, Central Park, Harlem, and beyond are easily accessed, but only a tour can give you the inside scoop.

If your trip plans include a bike rental in NYC, Harlem should top the list of must-see locations, and we can help you make it happen. Book a tour with us today!


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Adult/Kid Bikes
Bike Helmet
Live Tour Guide
Departure Point — 1391 6th Ave (Between 56th and 57th Street)
Languages — English
Duration — 3 hours
Availability — Weekly ( at Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 2PM )

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